Project Ideas for B.Tech / BCA / MCA students (Web Projects)

Posted on November 02, 2021 by Soumendra Saha
Interview Preparation

For all final year students, in most of the universities you need to submit a project which is manditory. Here are some project Ideas from which you can choose one to show your extraordinary talents. Choose a project from a category that suites you.

Advanced Projects

May be little tough but you can achieve extraordinary grade
  1. Create a multivendor ecommerce website for various categories. Add payment gateway.
  2. Create a hotel booking website.
  3. Create a online quiz website
  4. Create a car rental website

Intermediate Projects

Project will me little easier but can carry good score.
  1. Create a ecommerce website for Grocessory. Add payment gateway.
  2. Create a ecommerce website for Garments. Add payment gateway.
  3. Create a ecommerce website for Electronics. Add payment gateway.

Easy Projects

Easy to implement but may not lead to highest score
  1. Create a personal blog on any topic
  2. Create a catalog website for a shop / store
  3. Create a portfolio website for your own