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Coding Standards

  Maintaining a Coding Standard is very important in order to make your coding readable and working. May be you write a code that executes without error, that even may not be understandable to others or may not be scalable. Here are some standards that you must follow while writing code. 1. Naming Convention:  Follow proper naming convention while naming any variable, function or page. Do not use Special Character or space in any name Always start class name with Capital Letter. Always start Local Variable name / Page / Function name in small letter Try to avoid using number in naming, But logically you can use numbers. 2. Maintain proper indentation in coding:  Indentation is very important in coding. It helps to understand the block. In some programming languages like Python you will get error if you do not maintain proper indentation. So always maintain indentation as follows: 3. Documentation:  Documentation is very important when you are writ

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