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UPI Payments- How to identify fraud transactions - Be safe from Hackers

  You must have heard from your friends or relatives that someone cheated him / her and transferred a large amount from his bank. Now a days, it is a common incident that hackers / fraud people misuse your UPI account and transfers money from your bank account. They commonly attack on your UPI account so we will discuss about UPI Apps today and learn how you can protect your account. 1. First of all make sure you have installed a genuine UPI app on your mobile. Some of the well know UPI apps are listed below: Google Pay Paytm PhonePe You may use any other app too but download only if you trust the source. 2. You will never have to enter the pin while accepting payment. Be careful when someone request you for any payment, and if you are asked for Pin while accepting payment, simply decline the transaction. 3. Never allow permission to you UPI apps from other apps, unless that is a trusted app and you are aware of making any payment. 4. Do not click on any link offering you a huge offer